Business is Darwinian. It is the most adaptable to change that survives. This is especially hard when you’ve stalled but are doing “OK”; which is the boiling frog syndrome. You’re stuck; the pain isn’t intense enough to jump & not changing is fatal (Netflix vs. Blockbuster). But you want to do more than survive, you want to thrive! Its not that easy though, as Einstein said, "you can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it". Consequently, we work with great leaders that have the foresight and courage to get help in driving conscious change. 


If you find yourself stuck in the situation where:

Then CEvO can get you unstuck, conscious & performing to win. We have a proven evolutionary process & people with the skills, experience & discipline to help you achieve breakthrough conscious performance. Because change is hard, not changing is fatal.

CEvO is an organizational evolution consultancy that can help you consciously thrive. But changing into a conscious organization is an evolutionary process; it takes time, courage & commitment. We specialize in helping great leaders build conscious organizations by:

  • clearly seeing the goal (the “why”) for becoming a conscious organization;

  • figuring out what needs to change,

  • getting everyone to take ownership;

  • developing “their” strategic plans;

  • growing the team’s capacity; &

  • taking disciplined action to drive breakthrough performance that wins.

CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM - One of the key issues in change, is deciding where to change. The most successful companies are changing in the direction of conscious capitalism. Not just because it is the socially responsible thing to do, but conscious businesses are shown to outperform by up to 10:1; it is just "good business". Conscious Capitalism is a business philosophy stating that companies should serve all key stakeholders, including the environment. It expands from simply profit-seeking to include consideration of all stakeholders into every aspect of the organization's business plan. Conscious Capitalism acknowledges that free market capitalism is the underlying system, but to have a sustainable system in the future we need to incorporate social cooperation, environmental sustainability and human progress. It supports the capitalist foundation of voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, freedom to trade, and the rule of law, and ads elements like trust, compassion, collaboration, and value creation. Conscious Capitalism does not ignore profit but focuses on doing it in a way that integrates the interests of all major stakeholders in an organization, and companies that do this are shown to outperform their competition by 10x.

MILLENNIAL FACTOR - The largest stakeholder group you must consider is millennials, they are the most conscious generation ever. Whether you know it or not, they are the largest generation in history, they are the future leaders, workers, customers and social engineers. If you don't have a plan on how to empower, engage and serve them, then you don't have a future. CEvO has uniquely integrated a millennial factor into the design of its conscious organizational evolution model. If you want to future-proof your organization, we can help you with the millennial factor. Just so you know, they hate being called "millennials". We use that term because it is the common descriptor in business; so start showing your consciousness by calling them "young professionals". 


Brad Gaulin, P.Eng., MBA is an experienced executive team coach that has provided organizational evolution services to companies for over 10 years as a trusted advisor to rapidly evolving companies. This builds from his training & experience of over 35 years as an executive, entrepreneur and professional. He has 30 years evolving BD/Mktg/Sales in the energy & technology industries & 25 years evolving as an entrepreneur with 7 startups & 3 corporate sales.

Michael Palmer is a proven leader, entrepreneur, strategic leadership consultant & mentor. As a results driven executive coach, he brings over 35 years of experience in key areas; Acquisitions/M&A, branding, PR, PR, sales, marketing, franchise systems, E-commerce strategies, venture & angel capital (finance strategies), pitch coaching, entrepreneurial coaching/mentoring, & customer experience/success / engagement strategies.  Mr. Palmer has participated on numerous advisory boards & boards. A family man who is a life-long learner & highly motivated to help business leaders get “un-stuck”!

Van Luu, BSc. Computing Science, is a seasoned IT executive, team builder & entrepreneur with 20 years business & entrepreneurial experience.  His experience focuses on technology, specifically software development, where he's built his expertise from software engineering to CTO/CIO leadership roles. His unique expertise comes from his key roles both building / selling software to his IT leadership developing strategy, building/buying software & implementation to ensure the technology is delivering bottom line results. His technology domains include Mobile, Finance, Banking, Retail, Broadcast, Utilities, Pipelines, Manufacturing, Construction & Agriculture.

Gary Ellis, B.Com, M.Arch, MBA is a seasoned manager/executive with over 30 years business & entrepreneurial experience. Key areas of service include: Strategy, Market Development, Customer Discovery & Acquisition and Customer Experience Design. Mr. Ellis has served on many committees and boards. He has Founded and Co-Founded several startups including for-profit social enterprises. He is currently a Co-Founder of Impact Hub Calgary. Considered an exemplary 'conneçt the dots guy' Mr.Ellis thrives working on place-based innovation utilizing business intelligence and market insights .

Marty Tascona's mission and purpose is to elevate organization's level of success. He is a seasoned executive consultant with 10 years in software development and systems analysis, 20+ years in professional sales and consulting. He was VP Sales & Business Development at 3 different companies, 1 an Internet startup resulting in a $75M USD takeout. He also has extensive success in selling into the US. His business consulting focuses on strategy, structure, enablers, and management challenges. 


Players on your team!

Not just cheerleaders

CEvO Solutions is different, we're not typical consultants. We're players on your team (going beyond team coaching), we can be hands-on, actively involved in getting things done, providing tailored solutions that empower you to deliver breakthrough conscious performance.

Vision: We help leaders get their teams unstuck, conscious & performing win

Purpose: Helping Leaders & their teams evolve,
because change is hard, but not changing is fatal!

Brand Promise: 10x the value, guaranteed or no deal!

Core Values (TTOP):

  • Tough Love!

  • Teams win!

  • Own it!

  • Positive impact!