CEvO Introduction

This a the CEvO brochure & an overview presentation of what we do.

Tips on Cashing Out of Your Business

You've built a successful business, now how do you cash out? Here's some tips.

Future Leaders Development Program

CEvO provides a future leaders development (FLD) program designed for Leadership Without a Title

R U a Boiling Frog & Why Change?

If you've stopped growing, are losing customers,staff, profits, its time to make changes. Here's an article & survey tool on where to start.

Young Professionals,
 Grow'em, or Lose'em

If you want to attract, retain & get the best millennial staff, you need to grow them or lose them.

4 Types of Content
for Online Marketing

The key to online marketing is great content, here's how to make yours great. 

GrowThem or Lose Them.pdf

5 Keys to Make Yourself Promotable

For young professionals, here are some tips that can help you understand what it takes to advance.

4 Steps to Future-Proof Your Career

The future of work will be completely different from today and here are 4 steps to help you future-proof your career

A Guide to Better Meetings

One of the most common time wasters for teams is meetings. Here is a guide on how to run better meetings.