Change is Hard, but Not Changing is Fatal!

Helping Leaders & Their Teams Breakthrough to CONSCIOUS GROWTH!


Business is Darwinian. It is the most adaptable to change that survives. Many companies have the boiling frog syndrome, they’re stuck because the pain isn’t intense enough to jump, but not changing is eventually fatal (Netflix vs. Blockbuster). If you want to breakthrough to grow in size, profitability, capability, markets, capacity, talent, culture, etc. we can help.  


CEvO can help you breakthrough to conscious growth. Research shows that "conscious capitalist" businesses outperform their peers by creating up to 10x the value. But changing into a conscious business is an evolutionary process; it takes time, courage & commitment.  


We help great leaders & their teams build conscious organizations by:

  • clearly seeing the goal (the “why”) for becoming a conscious organization; 

  • Figuring out what needs to change, 

  • getting everyone to take ownership;

  • developing “their” strategic plans;

  • growing the team’s capacity; &

  • taking disciplined action to breakthrough to conscious growth.


CEvO Solutions Inc. is an organizational change consultancy founded by Brad Gaulin, P.Eng., MBA.  Brad is typical for the CEvO team, an experienced executive team coach that has provided conscious organizational evolution services to companies for over 10 years as a trusted advisor; & for over 35 years in his own companies as an executive, entrepreneur and professional.  


CEvO empowers leaders & their teams to evolve by combining a proven conscious business framework with an agile organizational change process. Team coaching support provided is highly experienced in strategy, innovation, team building, change management, cultural transformation & leadership.


We’re here to make YOU the hero in bringing conscious growth to your team. We're not typical consultants, we're team coaches, & when you need it we’re players on your team helping you get things done. Ultimately you are leading a cultural transformation to achieve the 10x growth of a conscious organization. Don't take our word for it, just ask our clients who are our biggest fans.

  • Strategic Planning

    • Conscious Manifesto

    • Vision Validation & Long Term Strategy

    • Target Marketing

    • Value Creation Strategy

    • Competitive Strategy

    • Scenarios & Risk Management

    • Customer Collective Intelligence

    • Business Intelligence

  • Organizational Design & Restructuring

    • Role Mapping

    • Performance Mapping

    • Hiring the Right People

    • Performance Management

  • Organizational Capacity Building

    • Leadership Development

    • Communication Toolbox

    • Tough Conversations

    • Team Building

  • Change Management

    • Accountability Scrums

    • Performance Management

    • Change Management

    • Innovation Teams

    • Evolution Discipline

  • Organizational Transformation & Culture Building

    • Building & Using KPIs

    • A Culture of Accountability

    • Operational Dashboards

    • Conscious Councils

    • Peer Mentoring