empowering leaders and their teams to consciously ESG change and grow

Use ESG to Consciously Grow Your Business!
Change is Hard, but Not Changing is Fatal!


Business is Darwinian, “It is the most adaptable to change that survives”, & most organizations want to grow & thrive, not just survive.


Sustainability (ESG - environment, social, governance) is the next tidal wave of change your business will need to adapt to, bringing new challenges for:
•   Succession – What are you doing to ensure you have a great exit

•   Growing to the next level
Profitability & survival

•   Attracting, Developing & Retaining the best talent?

•   Hyper-Growth/Scaling – Are you at risk of blowing up?
•   Attracting Investment to grow in an “ESG” financial world

•   A Fractured Culture – me vs. we, silos, no synergy, no fun... 

organizational change, transformation, transition, succession requires new thinking

CEvO is a business growth transformation coaching service that uses ESG to grow companies. We do this by combining a proven agile corporate transformation (ACT) process with an ESG conscious business philosophy to: 
•    Grow Exit Value MExit™ - Maximum-value Exit planning & execution

•    Grow Revenue – Growth marketing & innovation
•    Grow Profitability – Operational excellence
•    Grow Talent – Attract, develop & retain the best people 
•    Grow Investability – investors & M&A firms pay a premium for ESG conscious businesses
•    Grow Adaptability (AQ) – making you agile, resilient & adaptive
•    Grow Accountability
– for team performance & results

•    Grow Culture – a workplace where great people thrive


CEvO Solutions Inc. was founded by Brad Gaulin, P.Eng., MBA.  Brad is a business growth coach specializing in agile corporate transformation. He has been doing this work for over 13 years as a consultant, & for over 40 years as a professional, executive & serial entrepreneur.  Clients benefit from the collective wisdom of all the CEvO associates who are also proven entrepreneurs & team builders.


We empower businesses to use ESG to consciously grow. Our agile corporate transformation program is a proven “How To” framework targeted at small-medium businesses. We provide the people, tools & processes they need to plan &  execute a successful ESG-conscious business transformation that will grow the business to the next level.  


Combining Sustainability with Profitability