Change is Hard, but Not Changing is Fatal!

Helping Leaders & Their Teams Breakthrough to CONSCIOUS GROWTH!


If you want to consciously grow in size, revenue, profitability, capability, capacity, brand/image, innovation, talent, culture, etc., we can help.  


CEvO can help you breakthrough to future-proof your organization as a conscious business. Research shows that "conscious" businesses outperform their peers in every measurable way. 

  • Market Value Creation = 9-10x

  • Customers want it (90% Switch, Loyalty, Premium)

  • Workers want it (Attract, Retain & Max Engagement)

  • Investors want it (ESG funds)

  • Agility & Innovation

  • The World Wants It…


CEvO Solutions Inc. is a conscious evolutionary change consultancy founded by Brad Gaulin, P.Eng., MBA.  Brad is typical for the CEvO team, an experienced executive team coach that has provided organizational change services to companies for over 10 years as a trusted advisor; & for over 35 years in his own companies as an executive, entrepreneur and professional.  


We’re here to make YOU the hero in bringing conscious growth to your team. We're not typical consultants, we're team coaches, & when you need it we’re players on your team helping you get things done. Ultimately you are leading a cultural transformation to embed consciousness into the DNA of your organization & achieve the exponential growth it brings


CEvO provides executive team coaching & future leader development that combines the conscious capitalism philosophy with an agile organizational evolution process that enables great leaders to drive consciousness into the DNA of their business & reap the rewards

Implementing the Conscious Capitalism Principals:


Through an Agile Organizational Evolution Process: