Change is Hard, but Not Changing is Fatal!

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Business is Darwinian, “It is the most adaptable to change that survives”, & most businesses want to grow & thrive, not just survive.


Thriving in the new normal requires resilience & adaptability, but many businesses are struggling:
•    Succession/Transition – how do you MExit™ from your business?
•    Hyper-Growth/Scaling – at risk of failing & missing opportunities
•    Stagnant – no growth
•    Not profitable – unsustainable
•    Unable to attract Investment to grow in an “ESG” financial world
•    Struggling to Attract, Develop & Retain the best young talent
•    High Risk - Unsure of how to cope with disruptive market changes
•    Fractured Culture – me vs. we, silos, no synergy between people, teams, clients...

organizational change, transformation, transition, succession requires new thinking

Conscious ESG Businesses that can continuously evolve & grow are “the future”.  HBR says Conscious Businesses outperform & create up to 10x the value of their peers. This is why "ESG" is THE primary investor requirement today. CEvO has a proven process that empowers teams to consciously change & grow
•    Grow Revenue – 85% of clients switch based on core values
•    Grow Profitability – operational excellence
•    Grow Succession – MExit™ - maximize the value of your exit
•    Grow Talent – Attract, retain & engage the best people 
•    Attract Investment – investors buy into conscious/ESG businesses
•    Grow Adaptability (AQ) – future-proof your organization = adaptable, agile & innovative
•    Grow Culture – live & celebrate 

the conscious/ESG values

•    Grow Accountability – for breakthrough results

 conscious esg change and growth is the future is the key to prosperity in the new normal

CEvO Solutions Inc. was founded by Brad Gaulin, P.Eng., MBA.  Brad is an evolutionary change agent that has provided executive team coaching services to help organizations consciously change & grow for over 12 years.  He’s been consciously growing his own companies as an executive, entrepreneur & professional for over 35 years.  


CEvO empowers organizations to consciously transform by combining a conscious (ESG) business philosophy with a proven agile change process.  Clients can leverage our extensive experience in strategy, innovation, organizational design, growth marketing, operational excellence, team building, leadership & cultural transformation.  “We're not typical consultants; we’re fractional executives, hands-on, actively helping you make things happen”. 

Conscious ESG business philosophy combined with a proven agile organizational change process