COVID-19 is a Darwin moment, where the most adaptable to change will survive, and ultimately thrive. Those who are proactive are finding organizational change is not simple nor easy. In my research, We found that the organization’s ABILITY to change is the ultimate determinant of survivability, not its desire to change. So, we have developed an Adaptability Quotient (AQ) assessment tool which identifies 5 key dimensions of adaptability, and provides a quantifiable metric of an organization’s ability to change. This is designed to be used strategically to help organizations decide on the changes needed to get it through Covid-19, to a prosperous, sustainable future.

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The 5 Dimensions of AQ

In our research we identified patterns that we modelled into 5 dimensions of organizational adaptability, with measures of the key functions within each dimension:

  1. ADAPTIVE STRATEGY – Being purpose-driven with a compelling “WHY” that gives you a stable foundation from which you take an agile approach to build conscious, informed strategies to achieve your vision

  2. ADAPTIVE STRUCTURE – Consciously designing the organization to accommodate, facilitate and support a rapid response to change

  3. ADAPTIVE PROCESS - Systems and processes that enable the organization to learn, act and adapt quickly to continuously improve operational excellence

  4. ADAPTIVE PEOPLE & CULTURE – Leadership, driven by purpose, core values and a keen survival instinct, that inspires and empowers employees to operate collaboratively in an entrepreneurial way

  5. ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION – Committed to learning and using new tools, ideas and technologies to develop new ways of delivering value


This AQ assessment tool is brand new and we're looking for organizations willing to do the assessment and participate in a leadership debrief on their organization’s results. There is no cost, nothing to lose, and potentially a huge strategic value. Empowering organizations to be better able to change to cope with Covid19 is key to getting through this intact, and ultimately to thrive in the new normal. We're doing this Pro Bono to build a data baseline for this work, all of which is strictly confidential. Also, it can all be done virtually, so location is not an issue. If you know of any organizations that are struggling with change in this crisis, please let them know about this offer

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Surviving in a world of constant change is like being on the ocean, you can’t stop the waves of change, but you can learn to surf, because when you can surf it becomes an exciting adventure. As Harvard (HBR) says, a high AQ (adaptability quotient) will be the new competitive advantage and the key to sustainability to get through the Covid crisis and to thriving in the new-normal.