Business is Darwinian, it is the most adaptable to change that survives. Many
companies understand this but are stuck, unsure of where or how to changeWayne Gretzky
said to skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is. Your business needs to skate to where the opportunities are goingThe world of business is radically changing:

  • BUSINESS 1.0 – Traditional (shareholder/profit-driven)

  • BUSINESS 2.0 – Technological (information age, AI, VR, AR, SaaS, robotics)

  • BUSINESS 3.0 – Sustainable (ESG (environmental, social, governance) conscious businesses - purpose & stakeholder-driven)


darwin says the most adaptable to change will survive and thrive, true for people and businesses

ESG CONSCIOUS BUSINESS ADVANTAGES - ESG Conscious businesses make a positive impact on the world, socially, environmentally, ethically & financially. It is the smarter, more prosperous, long term, sustainable way to do business:

  • ESG Investors want it...

    • >$40 trillion in ESG funds

    • ESG (Environmental, social & governance) is a measure of conscious performance

    • Market value creation = 9-10x

  • Customers want it...

    • 85% will switch on ESG values, greater loyalty & pay a premium

  • Workers want it...

    • To attract & retain the most talented people

  • Society Wants It… 

    • Essential for a social license to grow, differentiate, & future-proof your business


*HBR Conscious Capitalism... Perform 10x Better

*IBJ - A Case of Conscious Capitalism: 9x based on Brain Science

In rising to this challenge, remember Einstein said, "you can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it". Consequently, we work with great leaders that have the foresight & courage to get help in driving their ESG business growth transformation. CEvO does this by combining a proven agile corporate transformation (ACT) process with an ESG conscious business philosophy.


ESG CONSCIOUS BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY - The most adaptive, successful companies are evolving into ESG conscious businesses. Conscious Capitalism acknowledges that free-market capitalism is the underlying system, but to have a sustainable, future-proof system we need to incorporate social cooperation, environmental sustainability and human progress. This supports the capitalist foundation of voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, freedom to trade, and the rule of law, and ads elements like trust, compassion, collaboration, and value creation. ESG conscious businesses do not ignore profit but focus on doing it in a way that integrates the interests of all major stakeholders. Research shows companies that do this are outperforming competitors in almost every business metric; it is how you create a "great sustainable business".  ESG is also the investment community's #1 non-financial criteria for deciding to invest in a business. It is ever more crucial to attract investors, customers, partners and talent going forward.

esg business philosophy.png

AGILE CORPORATE TRANSFORMATION PROCESS - Changing into an ESG conscious business is a transformational process; it takes time, courage & commitment. We specialize in empowering great leaders & their teams to build ESG conscious fast-growth organizations using a proven agile corporate transformation (ACT) process. Leaders & their teams clearly define their higher purpose (the “why”) in becoming an ESG conscious organization; evolving their vision & values to incorporate ESG to guide change; getting everyone to take ownership; cascading & developing “their” strategic plansgrowing the team’s capacity; building a culture of accountability; taking disciplined team action, that takes the business to the next level of growth.

GROWING YOUR FUTURE LEADERS - The largest stakeholder group you must consider are young people (millennials & Gen Z). By 2025 they will be 75% of the workforce, they are the, biggest, best educated, most ESG conscious generation in history. They are your future leaders, workers, customers and social engineers. If you don't have a plan on how to empower, engage and serve them, then you don't have a future. CEvO has uniquely integrated the inter-generational factor into the networkshopTM design of our future leaders development "capacity building" program. If you want to future-proof your organization, you start by future-proofing your people. 

your future depends on attracting, developing and retaining the best young talent


CEvO Solutions is a team of seasoned, proven executive team coaches, who work hands-on, actively transforming your organization to consciously grow & thriveWe are passionate about creating transformational value for your business:
Vision: Accelerating company's growth in their ESG conscious business transformation 

Purpose: Making ESG conscious businesses the new normal

Core Values (TTOP):

  • Tough Love!

  • Teams win!

  • Own it!

  • Positive difference!

Brand Promise: 10x the value, guaranteed or no deal!

cevo can empower you to consciously change and grow