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WE'LL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER (Helping each other because it's the right thing to do)

This is a crisis like I’ve never seen in my lifetime and I don’t like feeling like a victim, so I’ve been focused on solutions, how to help leaders cope and manage this crisis. I’m sharing some of the work I’ve done which you are welcome to share or pass on to whoever is leading your Covid19 strategy.


As leaders, people are looking to us to step up and lead through these difficult times. They need us to acknowledge their fears, give them perspective, have an informed plan, focus on solutions, & over-communicate with confidence that we will get through this intact; together. To do this we have 2 critical priorities:




Sometimes we don’t plan to fail; we fail to plan. To support what you are already doing I’m sharing various resources including a COVID19 Business Survival Planning Checklist (below) utilizing 2 scenarios developed by McKinsey, and 6 key business functions:

  1. Financial Health – Cashflow modelling & management to survive 

  2. Marketing / Sales – Client engagement, impacts, changing needs, product/service alternatives

  3. Operational Excellence – maintaining service levels & supply chain, while reducing costs15

  4. Support Functions – IT, accounting, finance, HSE, QA, legal

  5. Leadership Nerve Center – Communication, action plans, alignment, roles & responsibility

  6. Protect People – Policy, management, communications, HSE & employment regulations


Develop your plans with the collective intelligence of your teams to build practical strategies that they will be responsible for implementing. To further help you I’m offering, some additional resources (Pro Bono - with no cost or obligation; because it’s the right thing to do):

  1. Facilitate an “online team problem-solving session” on anything related to the Checklist with your team, and/or one-on-one discussions with you

  2. Access to our COVID19 resource folder, assembled from the most credible resources I can find including the WHO, CDN/AB Government, EU Health, MIT, CDC, etc.  including a SAMPLE Covid19 Small Business Response Plan - click on the link below or contact me at 

  3. A free weekly google peer group meeting for business leaders to discuss COVID19 issues, share ideas & success stories – Every Friday @ 12:15pm -


I hope this is useful for you, feel free to share it, I wish you the best in managing this crisis and I know, together, we’ll get through this intact.


COVID19 Business Survival Checklist

This checklist identifies key areas to consider in putting together your business survival plan

COVID19 Protect People Checklist

This checklist identifies key areas to consider in putting together your HSE policies, plan & process.

COVID19 Sample Business Response Plan

This is a sample Covid19 business impact mitigation plan for a small business

COVID19 Business Pandemic Checklist - from CDC / HSS

This checklist identifies key areas to consider in risk reduction planning.

COVID19 Business Preparedness Checklist from WSPS

This checklist identifies key areas to consider in preparedness planning.

COVID19 Business Continuity Plan from

This checklist identifies key areas to consider for continuity planning.

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