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SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY BELONGS TO US ALL - We talk about ESG being the new trend for business, but I believe it is every one of us who has an obligation to do better for each other and our planet or our children and their children will continue to pay for our mistakes. I've shared the actual "TRCC calls to action" document for anyone interested to download. I look at the attitudes I was raised with and I feel shame, it wasn't until I learned about what we as a society did to the first nations that my view changed. It was transformational and now I feel I have a social responsibility as an individual and as a business leader to take action. We need to support first nations in their just cause and show the world that Canada can do better, and be a role model in reconciling to a win-win-win future for all its citizens. #canada#truthandreconciliation#esgstrategy#indigenouscanada#consciousbusiness#future

_REPORT - TRCC calls_to_action_GOC
Download PDF • 308KB

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