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THIS NEW NETFLIX VIDEO EXPLAINS WHY SOCIETY & INVESTORS ARE DEMANDING WE TRANSFORM INTO ESG CONSCIOUS BUSINESSES - Trust is more profitable in the long run. - This movie is a great watch for everyone, it shows how greed-is-good business practices may drive short-term returns but destroy long-term value. I agree with the core message of this piece but one of our biggest challenges is the hypocrisy of investment firms today that are still fixated on quarterly financial performance and now demanding an ESG story on top to prove how companies are building long-term value and trust. They can't have it both ways if we are going to successfully make this transformation. It will take time and cost money to put the pieces in place that will pay back much greater long-term value. I recently wrote an article about this based on another story from Business insider where they document how investors are manipulating ESG scoring and ratings to protect corporate profit more than protecting people or the planet. Society is mandating business lead the way on sustainability and it is going to be an adventure with lots of mistakes and dead-end paths, regardless we must make ESG real and functional in our businesses if we are going to have a sustainable and prosperous future for everyone.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, please share in the comments and pass it on. I'm excited to see everyone's perspectives so we can pool our learnings and take back new ideas to make ESG real in our organizations.

If ESG isn’t a part of your strategic growth planning and execution, then this is your call to action to embrace and live ESG, or you may find it hard to attract investors, customers, talent, partners and ultimately ensure your continued success in the new normal.

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