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We are launching the ESG PRACTITIONERS MEETUP, an informal gathering of people involved in ESG for business, willing to collaborate to help each other succeed. - the last Tuesday of each month @ 5:30pm - Hudson's Downtown - 1201 5 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0Y6

ESG is the key to attracting money, clients, the best talent and to earning a social license to grow in the new normal. Every publicly-traded company is being mandated by investors and banks (money) to embrace and report on their ESG performance. Every supplier that serves these types of companies, or is funded by private equity or banks will also need to embrace ESG. This meetup is not about selling you on ESG, it is about helping the people who are responsible to make ESG happen inside of organizations. Our focus is on the implementation and execution of bringing ESG into the DNA of your company.

Our goal with this meetup is to build a peer support community where we can collaboratively help each other by sharing our experiences, lessons learned, best practices, new insights, reporting standards and the trends and changes in delivering ESG.

Our sessions are formatted as “Networkshops™”; not presentations. They are experiential events where we present relevant best practice ideas, then people connect, & collaborate in small group discussions to transform these ideas into valuable take-aways they can use immediately. This format enables us all to learn from each other, is much more engaging, provides everyone with new connections, and gets us focusing on being practical.

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