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Free CEvO Conscious Breakthrough Workshop

To update you, I've been "Consciously" evolving my thinking and have built some new tools and processes. I've realized the companies I really want to help are CONSCIOUS; they are about more than just profit. My purpose is to help leaders and their teams breakthrough to conscious performance and success and in so doing help them make the world better. Research shows conscious businesses outperform by up to 10x; doing the right things pays off.

In order for me to build a baseline for my new conscious breakthrough programming I'm providing 4 new 1.5 - 4hr workshops at no cost.

1) WHY do we need to change? PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT – Having more than a gut feel on the need for change is critical. Therefore we’ve developed an organizational performance assessment that provides hard numbers for performance as well as direction in the areas that need change the most. Almost always – the need to drive growth and business development is the biggest priority. The “WHY” baseline performance workshop - I’m offering is a performance assessment survey, then a 3 - 4 hour executive de-brief & team problem solving on the findings.

2) Change into WHAT? CONSCIOUS DNA - Once organizations recognize their performance gap and have clarity on what’s not working, they often ask, “what do we need to change into?”. Our research shows that "Conscious Capitalism" businesses outperform by up to 10x; its what the best companies are doing to differentiate and gain advantage. The Conscious “WHAT” baseline Conscious DNA workshop - I’m offering is a 3 hour conscious capitalism executive introduction and opportunity identification exercise.

3) AQ HOW HARD (or easy) will it be for our organization to change? What are the chances that a company can successfully change? Many business thought leaders are saying that Adaptability Quotient (AQ) will be the most important predictor of future performance. The “HOW HARD” baseline AQ workshop - I’m offering is an AQ assessment survey, then a 3 hour executive de-brief & team problem solving on the findings. (As an aside, it will also help me identify companies my work may not be a fit for).

4) WHO is about making all of our people conscious. GROWING FUTURE LEADERS – Most of the companies I work with have a critical priority around attracting and retaining the best people and getting them to work as a great team. Younger generations in particular are more conscious and say they want to learn soft skills, they want access to outside experts, they want it to be practical and apply to their jobs today, they want collaborative, experiential learning and they want it to be in a safe, comfortable environment. So we’ve developed a whole new Growing Future Leaders - Development Program (behaviours and skills) themed as Leading Without a Title. The “GROWING FUTURE LEADERS” baseline workshop - I’m offering is a 1.5 hour learning lunch on “How to Make Yourself Promotable”. This can be delivered to as many people as you'd like and response has been fantastic, as it provides a framework for shifting the paradigm to people driving their own career success.

My ask is for you to pass this on to anyone you think may need a conscious breakthrough.

Regardless, it would be great to catch up with what you're doing. Let me know when you have time to visit.

Thank you and have a fantastic week.

PS. - To save the back and forth, schedule a meeting directly into my calendar at

Brad Gaulin, P.Eng., MBA

Chief Evolution Officer

CEvO Solutions Inc.

P: 403.660.9961

Change is hard, but not changing is fatal!

Helping leaders & their teams breakthrough to conscious* performance.

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